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Our Company


Our Vision & Values

We are committed to helping businesses reach their full potential.

Our Story

Backed by over 30 years of experience, we take care of your finances and accounting so you can focus on your business.

Our Team

Our passion is to see your business succeed.

Our Vision

SME Business provides Accounting Services and Financial Strategy to help Small to Medium sized Enterprises succeed and operate with greater financial clarity.

Our Values

SME Business is committed to offering services with integrity and excellence, putting the client at the heart of everything we do.

Our Story

Dave Thompson founded SME Business in Raleigh, NC after 30 successful years of running multiple businesses in the UK.

Experienced in Accounting Services and Financial Strategy, Dave has worked in numerous sectors to increase profitability and empower other business leaders to run their operations with greater clarity.

Whether a multimillion dollar corporation or a locally owned business, SME Business offers a variety of services to help clients thrive in their relevant industry.

Our Team

Dave Thompson

President & CEO

Dave Thompson is a serial entrepreneur, establishing six businesses across the UK, and has extensive experience acting as Finance Director and CFO in many other businesses.

His skills in Finance, Strategy and Business Operations have impacted many clients’ businesses, helping them grow and become more profitable.

Dave’s vision is to see businesses reach their full potential and to see owners and senior business leaders have all the business tools they need to do so.

Megan Bunce

Vice President

Megan is passionate about helping clients to accurately understand their business finances and create robust accounting systems to support their goals.

As a finance professional with over 10 years of experience across multiple industries and countries, she leverages her skills to guide senior level management.

Her ability to see beyond the Bookkeeping to build Budgets and Management Accounts for clients is second to none.

Megan has an excellent track record with clients and makes it her goal to see their potential achieved.

Manning Callan

Director of Operations

Manning provides excellent strategy and systems to enable business leaders to focus on growth.

With an eye for the bigger picture, Manning handles the details of any project or operation with the upmost professionalism and skill.

Experienced in a variety of management positions, from large corporations to independant small businesses, Manning ensures operations run smoothly effectively.

Our Network

SME Business is part of a wider network. To ensure you get the best help, we can refer you to the following:

  • CPA’s, Tax Planning and Investment Specialists
  • Litigation and Business Legal Services
  • Digital Marketing Agencies

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