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Tax Services


For Individuals

We provide a complete Tax Return service, and can assist with compliance
matters and long term planning decisions.

For Businesses

We provide a complete Business Tax Return service, including professional accounting services to review and prepare your accounts with federal and state tax regulations in mind.

Tax Services for Individuals

We are dedicated to keeping up-to-date on the latest changes in tax regulations and advising our clients on strategies most suited to their particular goals.

We know that taxes can be confusing and your situation may be complex and unique but we pride ourselves in being able to offer you technical expertise and practical solutions to ensure that you meet your filing requirements as well as being tax compliant.

Tax Services for Businesses

We focus on providing key business support services and solutions, while maintaining a personal relationship with each client.

We have extensive experience preparing tax returns for Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs ), and Non-Profit Organizations.

In addition, we provide various tax consulting services, such as year-end planning, new business consulting, and choice of entity.

  • We prepare financial statements, general ledgers, job cost reports, and process payroll.
  • We prepare payroll, sales and property tax returns.
  • We analyze data to assist our clients in correcting potential problems, identifying potential savings, or capitalizing on business opportunities.

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