Financial Strategy


Business Health Checks

Monitoring your business financials analytically, utilising our own proven KPI’s to ensure early signs are detected, and help you focus attention to areas of weakness.

Business Coaching & Training

Providing quality one on one coaching for individuals, or training for key staff.

Ad-Hoc Project Work

From Troubleshooting projects to Forensic accounting, we aim to fulfil all of your financial needs.

Business Health Checks

Utilizing our own proven KPI’s, we’ll monitor your business financials analytically to ensure early signs of weakness are detected

We'll help you focus attention to areas of weakness

We believe that every business needs to consider a regular Business Health Check of their organisation. To do this we review the Business historical and current financials and produce a Traffic light system to identify potential weaknesses in the business. We will identify what is working well and efficiently, those areas that may require some attention, and those areas that are of great concern. We use bespoke KPI’s to produce our report for you, and present our recommended solutions.

Business Coaching & Training

Providing quality one on one coaching for individuals, or training for key staff

We'll coach you through every step

We offer a range of Coaching & Training options, based upon over 35 years experience in Business, and running and selling multiple businesses in that time. We have been coaching Business Directors and Key Personnel in many areas including understanding their business finances and costings, dealing with staff, business structure and operational challenges. We have also offered financial training for staff, and can help implement new accounting systems.

Ad-Hoc Project Work

From troubleshooting projects to forensic accounting

We aim to fulfil all of your financial needs

  • Costing & Pricing - We have vast experience in being able to guide you in costing your products and services, which in turn can lead to helping you to price your business in the marketplace. We have helped numerous clients who have believed their cost prices to be one thing, when really these costings were out of date, or inaccurately calculated, leading to a false expectation of Profit. We aim to renew your costing, to help evaluate your future pricing.
  • Forensic Accounting - We have helped many clients who have fallen foul to various forms of theft, whether by identity, or by employees etc. We will examine your accounting records and bank accounts to help you in determining the extent of the problem, and recommend solutions to resolve.
  • Other Business Consultancy Projects - We have helped numerous clients work through Operational concerns in their businesses, provide analytical analysis of these areas of concern, and provide general Troubleshooting techniques, which in turn bring recommended solutions.

Have a specific financial need that you don’t see listed?

We offer bespoke accounting services, so please get in touch to see how we can help you. If we’re unable, we’ll refer you to someone in our network.

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